Metal Braces

Metal braces are considered the “traditional” method of straightening your teeth. But with Ottawa Braces, there is nothing traditional about our metal braces! They are made by 3M (the same company behind sticky notes!) and are designed specifically with efficiency and comfort in mind. Also, you can select from a huge array of colored ties to spice up your braces at every visit!


What to expect with metal braces

Metal braces are the most commonly used type of braces, and are the longest method around. Because of advances in orthodontic technology, this type of braces is more comfortable than ever before! While you might still experience some irritation on your gums, a typical side-effect of this treatment, we will offer you plenty of tips and tricks to minimize your discomfort so that you can go about your day normally and pain-free.

Not only will we give you tips and wax for your braces to ease any discomfort, we will always be available via telephone call for any questions you might have during your treatment.

Because they are made of metal, these braces are strong! But you still have to take care of them, by avoiding hard or crunchy food, as well as sticky or chewy foods. These are a big investment, just like any other form of braces, and require the best care possible to avoid complications or pain.

While you’re undergoing this treatment, brushing and flossing might become more difficult. Nevertheless, it is still important to maintain proper oral hygiene. Food can get stuck between your braces and your teeth rather easily, so be sure to brush and floss-especially after meals.

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