Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are highly sought after because of the many benefits that surround their use. Below, we will cover some of the most major benefits of integrating implants into your dental care.


They will not disturb your natural healthy teeth.

Other restorative procedures, like bridges, can result in damage to your surrounding teeth. But with dental implants, the teeth next to your replacement tooth will not be interfered with in any way, leaving their natural health and beauty alone.


They look and feel completely natural.

Because there are no bulky appliances and because each implant has been designed carefully for your unique face and smile, dental implants look and feel totally natural once the process has been finished. Nobody-not even you-will be able to tell that they’re made of porcelain instead of bone!


They’re great for anchoring dentures and bridges.

The use of dental implants in a mouth that already has dentures or a bridge can add functionality to the existing dental work already in place. Some patients suffer from loose or free-moving dentures, which can make tasks like eating or even talking rather difficult. Through the placement of these specialized implants, we can restore the functionality of these appliances and make them more comfortable for you.

Dentures that are anchored by implants can still be easily removed for cleaning, so you’ll be able to maintain great oral health!

When it comes to the process of anchoring your dentures or bridge with implants, we offer the following options. Discuss them with your dentist when you come in for your consultation!

  • Upper bar overdenture
  • Overdenture with ball attachments
  • Branemark protocol
  • Fixed partial denture screwed onto implant
  • Fixed partial denture cemented onto implant
  • Conventional fixed partial denture

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