Invisalign is a solution for anybody who might be worried about the discomfort or appearance of traditional metal braces. This process works through the application of several clear plastic “aligners” in lieu of traditional braces, meaning that there are no wires or brackets required! Call us today to discuss whether Invisalign aligners should be your next step in achieving the smile of your dreams.

How does Invisalign work to correct your teeth?

Invisalign is a blend of modern 3-D computer graphic technology and ages-old traditional orthodontics. You will be fitted for a system of twelve to forty-eight clear aligners that will only be removed when you are eating, drinking and brushing your teeth. On a week-by-week basis, your teeth will move oh so gradually until they reach the desired placement specified by you and your dentist during your consultation. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks, though this duration can change from person to person, before moving up to the next Invasalign aligner.

Could Invisalign be the right choice for you?

Since this system of aligners is all but totally invisible, Invisalign is considered a popular option for anyone who doesn’t want to have visible metal braces on their teeth. Having traditional braces can make some people feel less than confident, and Invisalign offers a solution to this problem!

Unfortunately, Invisalign is not an option for everyone. You can schedule a free consultation here at Ottawa Braces to determine if this is indeed the right choice for you and your smile.

We gladly offer Invisalign and Invisalign Teen to patients in Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata and the Orleans areas!

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen was designed specifically with growing teenagers in mind, after numerous orthodontists, parents and teens weighed in and collaborated together to bring this treatment into reality. Being a teenager isn’t easy, and with big, metal braces things can become even more challenging. But Invisalign can fit easily into any teenager’s schedule, and keep their appearance completely intact with this near-invisible technology! And since it can be so easy to lose the alignment appliances, you will even be given extras!

Here at Ottawa Braces, we value making you happy and confident with your smile, whether you’re an adult or a teenager in need of some realignment.


How Invisalign Teen works to treat your teeth

First, you will sit down with your orthodontist and discuss whether Invisalign Teen is the right treatment option for your unique features. If it is decided upon, then you will be fitted for a series of eighteen to thirty customized aligners, designed specifically with your mouth in mind for optimal comfort and invisibility.

After receiving your Invisalign aligners, you will come back to us every eight to ten weeks so that we can measure your progress, for about six to fifteen months. The duration of this treatment depends on a lot of things, but most specifically on the details of the issue that we’re using Invisalign to remedy. The sooner you get in to see us, the shorter this experience is likely to be.

Each aligner will be worn for about two weeks, being removed only to eat, drink and brush. You will then use the next aligner in the process, repeating these steps until the process is finished and your grin is looking its best.

Conditions treated by Invisalign Teen

Like traditional braces, Invisalign Teen is designed to remedy many kinds of issues that you may have with your bite. These conditions include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Teeth that are widely spaced apart
  • Teeth that crowd each other
  • Overbite, when your top teeth come out just a bit further than your bottom teeth
  • Underbites, the reverse of the overbite, where your bottom teeth stick out further than your top teeth
  • Crossbites, when one or more of your teeth are tilted toward the cheek or tongue

Invisalign for Adults

For an adult, wearing braces might seem especially daunting as they can impact your appearance. But Invisalign offers a nearly invisible, flexible and totally convenient option for both teens and adults without the visual impact of traditional metal braces.

Because Invisalign is almost completely invisible, nobody will even notice that you’re undergoing treatment! So you can go through your day-to-day life full of confidence while knowing that your smile will soon be looking its very best. Without brackets or wires, and the ability to remove the aligners while you eat and drink, Invisalign is a great, discomfort-free solution for many adults that will not negatively impact your busy life.

Additionally, you can expect less visits to the dental office as well when you choose Invisalign, freeing up your schedule for other things!

A Step-by-Step of the Invisalign Process

Step 1: The initial consultation with Ottawa Braces, your local Invisalign provider

Doctor Rochon has amassed quite a lengthy experience with Invisalign, and will happily discuss your needs with you during your first consultation in our offices. She will evaluate your teeth and your specific needs before deciding whether Invisalign is the appropriate treatment for your unique situation. During this consultation, she will gladly answer any questions you may have about the process, including cost, insurance and anything else that you’re curious about.

Step 2: Designing a treatment plan just for you

After your consultation and once Doctor Rochon and you have decided that Invisalign is the right appliance to treat your condition, you will undergo a series of x-rays, pictures and impressions of your teeth. These images and impressions will be used to create a 3-D image of your mouth digitally, which will be the basis of your treatment plan. At this point you should be informed of the length of treatment, which is usually about a year for adults. You will be shown a visual representation of how Invisalign will gradually move your teeth into their corrected positions.

Step 3: Receive your customized Invisalign aligners

You will then receive your Invisalign aligners, and treatment can begin! Unlike traditional braces, these aligners are made of a clear and smooth BPA-free plastic that won’t irritate your mouth like the metal in some braces can. You will wear an aligner every day, removing them only to eat or to brush and floss your teeth. Each aligner in this system will work toward shifting your teeth into the desired position.

Step 4: Changing your aligner

Every two weeks, sometimes more or less depending on what your orthodontist says, you will change your Invisalign aligner, swapping out your current one for the next step in your treatment. Every six weeks or so, it’s recommended that you book an appointment at our offices so that we can best monitor your progress and make sure that these aligners are working out as best as possible for you. Whenever you change your aligners, you will be able to see the results taking form right in front of your eyes.

Step 5: Finishing your treatment

At the end of this process you will go to your orthodontist, who will check your results and tell you whether or not you will need retainers to keep your teeth in their correct positions. At this point you will have finished with the Invisalign aligners and should now have your best, straightest smile yet!

The cost of Invisalign

Your smile is an investment, not only into your appearance but into your overall confidence and comfort. Fortunately, Invisalign can be quite affordable for many, as the costs are very similar to traditional braces.

Other clear aligners do exist, but their results cannot compare with the Invisalign system. Compared to these other aligners, Invisalign has 20 years of research, over four million patients, and the use of unique SmartTrack materials that fit more comfortably than any other invisible aligner.

The cost of other aligners may be appealing, but you will not get the kind of results you will get with Invisalign.

Determining the cost of Invisalign

Invisalign usually costs between $3,000 and $8,000, but there are numerous factors to take into consideration when it comes to the overall cost of this treatment. Inquire with your orthodontist at your initial consultation to discuss these factors, including:

  • The severity of the issue being addressed by Invisalign
  • How long the treatment will last
  • Where you live
  • Your specific orthodontic coverage by your insurance

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