Ceramic clear braces

Clarity Advanced braces are almost entirely clear, and are made of ceramic. They offer the same benefits as traditional braces, without the appearance of metal wires and brackets. Clarity Advanced offer the smallest clear bracket available on the market, making this a great option for those who worry about aesthetics when choosing their braces treatment.

Why is Clarity Advanced our clear bracket of choice? There are a lot of reasons, actually!

  • They are designed to blend in with your natural tooth color.
  • Clarity Advanced features “Spring Clip” technology to optimize both tooth movement and the comfort of our patients.
  • Very small brackets mean less soft tissue irritation.
  • They are resistant to staining and discoloration.
  • Because they are tooth-colored, they are an excellent option for patients worried about aesthetics.
  • The strong and reliable design of these brackets makes for a very efficient treatment plan.

How does Clarity Advanced work?

“Spring clip” closure technology allows the wire to be put into place without much pressure, reducing your discomfort while they straighten your smile. Because these clips are so small, they offer little to no friction, which also reduces your discomfort.

Clear braces are available for both adults and children.

Q: How long does this treatment take?

A: Depending on the severity of the problem and your unique concerns with your teeth, treatment time can take anywhere between six months and two years. Our Doctor Taraff has an average treatment time of twelve to fourteen months.

Q: What are Clarity Advanced braces made of?

A: Clarity Advanced braces brackets are made with ceramic. This allows for each individual bracket to be designed specifically for your needs, while allowing for them to be small and strong for the most accurate and efficient treatment. The special orthodontic ceramic that they are made of is designed to blend in with the natural color of your teeth, making these nearly invisible as they remedy your smile.

Q: How often will I have to see my orthodontist?

A: Depending on the severity of your issue, these braces might require appointments every six to eight weeks for your orthodontist to check your progress.

Q: Is treatment with Clarity Advanced braces painful?

A: With all treatments of this nature, you will likely experience some initial, temporary discomfort. Depending on your individual sensitivity and the stage of treatment, discomfort can be mild to moderate, lasting up to a week. Because of the unique design of these braces, however, the discomfort is much more minimal than traditional braces.

Q: Will this treatment affect my speech?

A: While you adjust to having the braces, you may speak with a slight lisp for a short period of time. As your tongue and lips get used to moving around your new braces, this lisp will disappear. To best get over this lisp, practice speaking complicated words to reduce the time it will take to get over this.

Q: How much do these braces cost?

A: Clarity Advanced braces are slightly more expensive than metal SPEED braces. Because of this, some patients opt for Clarity Advances braces on their top teeth and metal SPEED braces on their lower teeth. We’ll happily discuss your options at your consultation!

The advantages and disadvantages of translucent ceramic braces

Because of their low-profile appearance, Clarity Advanced braces are a popular alternative to traditional braces or removable aligners such as Invisalign. However, like with any other orthodontic treatment, there are numerous factors to consider before you make your decision.


How are ceramic braces different from metal ones? Are they really translucent?

Regular braces have brackets that are made of metal, and are therefore highly visible when used as a treatment option. Ceramic braces, on the other hand, have tooth-colored ceramic brackets, which do give them a translucent appearance. Therefore, these brackets are not exactly “see through”, but they appear to be because of how closely they resemble the color of your natural teeth.

What are the downsides to choosing Clarity Advanced braces?

Because the material used in Clarity Advanced braces is not as strong as traditional metal braces, treatment time may be longer in comparison. This is because your orthodontist will not be able to apply as much pressure to your teeth as they would in the case of metal braces.

Another potential downside is the cost of ceramic braces versus metal ones. However, you can save money by getting ceramic braces on your top teeth, and metal ones along the bottom row of teeth. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

A third, significantly less important negative to these braces is that the brackets, while very subtle in appearance, are actually somewhat larger than metal brackets. This is not especially noticeable, but you should know everything you can before selecting your treatment.

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